Pool Heater

Make a splash in your swimming pool all year long! By installing a pool heating system in Bradenton, FL, we help our customers stay warm in their pools even when it’s cold outside. Extend your swimming season by depending on Air Specialists Heating & Cooling LLC. When you have a heated pool, the weather is never too cold to go for a swim.


Make the Most of Your Pool

Want a better way to spend a brisk evening? Take a dip in the comfort of your warm, clean pool. Regain your liquid oasis once more by turning to the experts at our company to install a solar heating system for your pool. Our system pulls cold water from your pool, uses the sun to heat it, and then returns it to the pool warm and clean.

Energy Savings

Environmental Friendly

Minimal Maintenance

Quiet Operation

Put the Sun’s Energy to Work

Homeowners and commercial properties need to save money. However, rising energy costs and property taxes get in the way. If you have an electric-powered pool heater, it’s time to make the switch. After all, an electric pool heater can cost $1,000 a year (or more) to operate. When you put the sun’s energy to work for you, you only have to pay for the install and minimal maintenance. So, your new system pays for itself over time. Switch to solar, and go swimming in amazing savings!

Contact us to enjoy your pool anytime with a solar heater that continues to deliver. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients throughout Manatee & Sarasota county, as well as the surrounding areas.