Seasonal Maintenance for Swimming Pool Heaters in Bradenton, FL

Whether you are putting them away for the summer or are digging them out for the colder months, there are specific seasonal maintenance tasks you need to do for your swimming pool heaters in Bradenton, FL. Unfortunately, making sure your pool heater is cleaned before it is not used is not enough and there are specific areas of your unit that you need to inspect before not using it. Here are a few things you should do to make sure your swimming pool’s heater is in great shape before you stow it away for the warmer season.

Make sure it does not have any water damage – Even though your swimming pool heaters in Bradenton, FL, deal with water consistently, certain parts of it should not be in direct contact with moisture whatsoever. These parts include the pump or the heater’s internal workings since they are the most susceptible to being damaged the most by water. If your heater is not in an area above the ground that is dry and safe from water, it could be at risk for water damage. Certain natural occurrences like flooding or malfunctioning drainage or irrigation systems can be to blame for your heater’s water issues, so it is best to keep it in place that is elevated, dry, and cool during the year.

Make sure your pool’s pH is balanced – Having imbalanced chemical levels in your pool not only puts you, your family, and others who swim in it at risk, but it can cause severe damage to your swimming pool heaters in Bradenton, FL, as well. While a proper pH level for your pool is not hard to keep in check, it can quickly be thrown off balance by a variety of different factors if not checked frequently. Many times, it is hard to get your pool’s pH levels back to an even keel after they have been off, which causes corrosion to the parts in your pool’s heating system. Regardless of which way your pool’s chemical levels are leaning towards, too low or too high, it will cause significant damage to your heating system’s engineering if not maintained. It is best to check your water’s pH levels frequently, even when you are not using your heater as much, to keep all those who swim in it safe.

Making sure your swimming pool heaters in Bradenton, FL, are operating correctly is vital to your safety and preserving the longevity of your pool. If you are looking for help with your pool’s heater or are looking for a new unit to install, call us at Air Specialists Heating & Cooling, LLC today at (941) 301-6435.