Tips for Saving Money on Energy Costs This Summer

wooden ceiling fanThe warmer temperatures are not the only thing that goes up during the summer: your utility bills from running your air conditioning rise as well. While you cannot control the heat outdoors, you can control the amount of money you are spending on air conditioning costs. Here are a few ways that you can save money on your energy costs this summer without having to compromise being comfortable.

Close your blinds – One way to keep your home cool during the summer is to close your curtains and window treatments during the warmest parts of the day. Not only do they act as insulation to keep the heat out and cold air inside, but they also block the sun from entering your home and warming your space. Closing your blinds can help to keep your energy costs down and your house cooler for longer.

Use a fan – Whether they are in your window or mounted on the ceiling, fans can help to cut your energy costs during the summer significantly. Not only can fans help to keep you cool by blowing directly on you, but they also work to move cooler air throughout your home. Turning your fan on still uses energy so there still will be utility costs involved, but it operates using much less than your air conditioning unit.

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